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What clients say...

Working with Kristina Denton is a dream! She so beautifully captures my essence in her original material. It's obvious that she's extremely passionate, dedicated, and always willing to collaborate. Her positive energy is contagious. I get more and more excited after every discussion we have and feel completely safe in her capable hands. I'm truly grateful to have such an abundant relationship with Kristina and highly recommend bringing her on board for projects! 

- Maxie Solters, Actress

Client: Lily Marks

Shot by: John Wynn

Actors and Directors!

  • Need a custom scene written for your reel?


  • Have a web series idea, but don’t know where to start?


  • Just want a great, tailor-made scene for a showcase, workshop or class?

Let me help!


Hey, I’m Kristina Denton and I love what I do. I’ve written over 200 scenes for fellow actors, directors and filmmakers, all looking to accomplish the same thing; showcase themselves the way they want to be seen! So, let's hook up and get you material that will get you noticed.

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